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  • Shantiniketan Indian School, a K-12 educational institution of innovation and learning excellence, is committed to quality education that transforms children into excellent human beings and global citizens ready to become life long learners and take up the professional and leadership challenges of Qatar or of any other country of their choice where they wish to live.
    The name, Shantiniketan, is taken from the most famous School of RabindraNath Tagore, the poet, philosopher, educationist and Nobel laureate. It has a unique identity in the history of Indian education and we got inspiration from its schooling process. ‘Shanti’, means peace and harmony and ‘Niketan’, a place where the nature showers blessings. We imbibe our educational goals from the word ‘Darussalam’ where ‘Dar’ signify the House of perfection and ‘Salam’ is the embodiment of divine solace and eternal Peace. Both concepts are synchronised in our schooling process, aim, culture and tradition.
    The goal of our educational process is underlined in the motto: ‘LIGHT TO ENLIGHTEN LEAD TO EMPOWER’




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  • Vision and Mission
  • School Song


    • Value Teamwork

      Students, teachers, staff, parents and community members work as a team to provide excellent opportunities for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development of our children.

    • Lead by Example

      A nominated body of student leaders headed by the Head Boy and the Head Girl form the student Council of prefects. Student Council members assist teachers in improving the learning environment through their leadership and help and motivate students in the learning process and for the development of integrated personality.

    • Focus on the Future

      Innovative teaching methods and strategies help children to develop concepts,skills, values, attitude and life skills that will become the key to success.

    • Be Respectful

      Children are given learning experiences to develop self respect and collaborative efforts during the class projects help them to appreciate others’ potential and to develop mutual respect.

    • Challenge the Status Quo

      Continual improvement of quality is the focus of any changes in approach and processes at SIS.

    • Strive for Excellence

      Children are self motivated to work hard to attain excellence in scholastic and co-scholastic activities. Their work of excellence is exhibited for recognition and appreciation.


To all students anticipating Board results, let your aspirations not end with the declaration of the marks or grades you have received, for in five years, no one is going to ask you how much you scored in your Board exams. The hot question will be about your success in work and life.

Life is much more than scoring marks in an exam, you will experience life as you live it. All society is inquisitive about is if you have a job with a solid pay. School and Board exams marks vanish and decay. What is extremely important to anticipate is the challenges in life that come your way, and each challenge turns even more challenging when you challenge it logically and critically or for that matter creatively with innovations where it turns a challenge, no more than a cake walk. You will realize with the dawn of each day you get wiser and stronger with a calmness that overshadows haste. After ten years when you flip the pages of your portfolio and view the page of your XII result you will reminisce not on the mark sheet but the lessons learnt, so relax!



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