June 15, 2018

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  • Kitchen Science

    The Kindergartners of SIS were given wonderful learning opportunities to explore the fun of science through a collection of experiential activities. To show that Science is involved in all aspects of our daily lives simple experiments were demonstrated and observed with common kitchen science activities. Curious kids were nurtured through easy to do projects in […]

  • Experiential Learning

    An attempt to make the curriculum futuristic, SIS Pre-Primary Section gave the Kindergarten children an excellent opportunity to experiment and get fascinated with striking observations. It was truly gratifying to see our blooming buds getting keenly engaged and engrossed in exploring Science. Blending art with science was a fascinating learning experience for the young ones. […]

  • Gardening Day

    “Go Green…..Go Clean…..!!” Tiny tots of Pre – Primary Section of SIS were given a rich sensational experience through a series of Go Green activities. Our little ones enjoyed their experience of exploring nature as they got connected with Mother Nature and acquired environmental awareness. Little hands joined together to build a safe, green and […]

  • Yellow Day Celebration

    The Kindergarten Section of Shantiniketan Indian School celebrated the Yellow Day radiating intellectual energy, wisdom and brightness. The teachers conducted captivating activities and encouraged commentators to speak a few words about the objects like sunflower, mango, banana, lemon, toy cars etc. A miniature garden crafted with paper sun flowers displayed in the corridors created an […]