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  • SIS Alumni Member Meet

    The Alumni Members of Shantiniketan Indian School recently met to relive their old memories in school along with the past and present teachers. Games were organized to raise the nostalgia one notch up. They also cheered their favourite team as they watched the World Cup Match between Argentina and France. Lubaib Gazir, well known for […]

  • Blue Day

    A winsome Blue Day in the kindergarten of SIS was celebrated with lots of exuberance and gaiety. Teachers raved the significance of Blue colour symbolizing Peace, Wisdom and Confidence. The culmination of the azure sea and sky created a serene ambience that filled the hearts of children with sense of fulfilment expressed through their beautiful […]

  • Eid Message

    An aura of festive mood prevailed in the Pre-Primary Section as Eid al -Fitr -the festival of love, peace and harmony was celebrated with ceremonial gusto and fervour. Teacher and the Children shared the message of sympathy, love, charity and good relations among themselves. Children prepared Eid card  and exchanged with each other to promote […]

  • SIS Family Get-Together

    A family get-together was hosted by the managing committee of Shantiniketan Indian School to honour its dedicated teachers and administrative and supportive staff on June 23 at the Multi-purpose Hall. Managing Committee General Secretary, Abdul Kadar, congratulated everyone and attributed the success of the school as a reflection of hard work, dedication, efforts and enthusiasm […]

  • SIS Nikon Club organizes workshop on Film-Making

    SIS Nikon Club, in association with Salam Studio, conducted a one day basic film-making workshop, “Art of SLR filmmaking” for the members of SIS Nikon Photography Club. Students enthusiastically participated in the workshop conducted by Mr. Rizwan Arif, a BBC certified cinematographer, working with BBC documentary and currently working as a production designer for a […]

  • Kitchen Science

    The Kindergartners of SIS were given wonderful learning opportunities to explore the fun of science through a collection of experiential activities. To show that Science is involved in all aspects of our daily lives simple experiments were demonstrated and observed with common kitchen science activities. Curious kids were nurtured through easy to do projects in […]

  • Experiential Learning

    An attempt to make the curriculum futuristic, SIS Pre-Primary Section gave the Kindergarten children an excellent opportunity to experiment and get fascinated with striking observations. It was truly gratifying to see our blooming buds getting keenly engaged and engrossed in exploring Science. Blending art with science was a fascinating learning experience for the young ones. […]

  • Gardening Day

    “Go Green…..Go Clean…..!!” Tiny tots of Pre – Primary Section of SIS were given a rich sensational experience through a series of Go Green activities. Our little ones enjoyed their experience of exploring nature as they got connected with Mother Nature and acquired environmental awareness. Little hands joined together to build a safe, green and […]