January 2017

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  • PUNS

      A book just fell on my head, I only have my shelf to blame. A boiled egg in the morning is really hard to beat. I forgot how to throw a boomerang, but it came back to me. I once heard a joke about amnesia…but I forgot how it goes. What is a pirate’s […]

  • The Price and the Moon

      Long ago, there lived a handsome prince in the high mountains. He loved the moon and its gentle glow. His greatest desire was to go to the moon and see where the glow came from. One night when the prince was gazing at the moon, the moon fairy appeared and said, “Dear Prince, I […]

  • A Rabbit’s Dream

    Once upon a time there lived a rabbit in a farm. The owner of the farm used to pet the rabbit. The Farm was nice and there was a lot of food. Though the farm was small for him to play, he was happy in the farm. One night he dreamt of a big waterfall […]

  • My Garden

    This is my garden, I’ll plant it with care, Here are the seeds, I’ll plant in there The sun will shine The rain will fall as some repine The seeds will sprout For the tree, will come out And grow up tall.   Reshanikka – 4 E

  • Forever Friends

    True friends are hard to find, But God so kind. You came to me in a perfect time, I am so happy you are a friend of mine.   We’ve been together for so long, In fantastic place where we belong A part of me became part of you True friendship I’ve found in you. […]

  • Life

    I gazed at the little ones playing in the park, Little ones yet to bloom into life, Their chuckles full of life, eyes so light and blue for no worries of the past, and future they knew, probably we have lost the child in us ! we fail to turn the little joys into laughter […]

  • The owl

      I saw an owl I give him grain in a bowl He sits in a tree It seems to be free He watches me do things Fluttering his dusty wings.   He acts as if he is a king keeping an eye on me, minding me, I think he wishes to be me. Buzzing […]

  • Soldier’s Last Words

    To my dear beloved wife Who had been by my side Thank you for the days we’ve spent And for all other supplement.   Tell my mom not to mourn and wait And make her ease of all weight, For I have taken my dad’s footsteps To complete his next steps.   Tell my sister […]

  • Under the Willow tree

    There beside the sea, Sitting under the willow tree, Listening to the hum of birds, I marvel as they soar high and free.   As the breeze flows gentle As the dew drops twinkle, As I dream up the tree alive, I feel its a magic thrive.   I rest here until its noon, I […]