Soldier’s Last Words

Fariha X A

To my dear beloved wife

Who had been by my side

Thank you for the days we’ve spent

And for all other supplement.


Tell my mom not to mourn and wait

And make her ease of all weight,

For I have taken my dad’s footsteps

To complete his next steps.


Tell my sister not to cry

Say her I am always by her side

Lend my bike to bro for now it’s his

And for prayers, do not miss.


Tell my son that daddy has been a captain

Leader of team alpha and a major sergeant,

Let my little princess know how much sorry I am,

For not being on aisle and not fulfilling her dreams.


I’ve not been a proper father, brother, son and a man

But you still chose me for what I am

I couldn’t make you happy like others

But our love is immortal and strong than any others.


Do make clear that I didn’t serve for cruel nation

I served for women, children and needy people

I did things that only they will remember

Because that’s my way of being soldier.


Do not shed the tears of grief and sorrow

Always remember our angels’ tomorrow

When you’re asked, say that I am a soldier

Who was born to die someday or other.



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