Stories from SIS Students

  • The Price and the Moon

      Long ago, there lived a handsome prince in the high mountains. He loved the moon and its gentle glow. His greatest desire was to go to the moon and see where the glow came from. One night when the prince was gazing at the moon, the moon fairy appeared and said, “Dear Prince, I […]

  • A Rabbit’s Dream

    Once upon a time there lived a rabbit in a farm. The owner of the farm used to pet the rabbit. The Farm was nice and there was a lot of food. Though the farm was small for him to play, he was happy in the farm. One night he dreamt of a big waterfall […]


    Once, in a garden there were many flowers but of different colours. They were so pretty and beautiful. One rainy day, there was a quarrel among the flowers. The Red flower said: “Look, I am the queen and the bravest one among the flowers as I have an attractive colour red which is common in […]

  • Adventure to the Parallel World: Weird but, our point.

    It was a dark and silent night. Suddenly, a grace woke up from her sleep by a sound. She opened her window and realised that it was raining cats and dogs but, there was something strange about it. The rain smelled pleasant like lavender and  it had  a pink hue. She got scared, ran to […]


    The wind as cold as ever brushes past me, my hair discovers freedom for the first time. I open my hands welcoming the cold wind into my shivering body. The unexplainable sensation releasing a pool of endorphins, a state of extreme bliss, I feel my body tighten under the influence of all the bodily fluids […]

  • An Act of Kindness

      Once upon a time in a  village named Tripuram, lived a kind man. His name was Raj. He helped everyone in that village by giving  fruits from his own garden. Everyday  the poor people from that village would come in front of his home to get the fruits that he was going to give. […]

  • A Lesson For Life

    Raju a sensitive orphan child at the “Our Family” orphanage could never connect to the people around him. He was assertive of the fact that children like him cannot judge individuals properly. He had a passion to know people and understand their nature. Once while returning from the temple, he noticed an exhausted traveller trying […]

  • Beware…

    Did you guys hear about that guy? Nasty  man… Somebody lost their cool and killed the bully… apparently it was too gruesome to show on television. *Oooh* I mean, the bully was twice the size of the guy… I could’ve easily knocked out the guy if he came at me. I present to you Nathan, […]

  • Behind the Closet

    “I heard something moving in the closet… John’’ Susan whispers. “It’s just your stupid imagination… You’re paranoid… Susan… writing all those murder stories…” There she goes again. Guess what? Last night she saw a shadow. ‘‘Now, please would you just go back to sleep?’’ “Didn’t you just hear that? You really should go to a […]


    “It’s worthless,’’ a young man said. “Leave it alone,’’ told another.    I heard all these, while I was on a walk. To see what all the commotion was about, I went closer. “What happened?’’ I asked. “Some boys hit this dog with a huge rock and ran away,’’ replied an elderly man. “Didn’t you stop […]


    Once up on a time in a village lived an old man named Suresh. Every morning the old man left his home on a bullock cart to market. As usual a fine morning Suresh reached the market. He fed the bullocks and bought some pots and loaded. He sold the pots for a good amount. […]