14th Asian Medical Camp

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The Indian Islamic Association Qatar organized a “Science and Medical Exhibition” on 27th November 2015 at “Tariq Bin Ziyad Independent Secondary School for boys” as a part of the 14th Asian medical camp. The topic for the exhibition was “Food Safety – From Farm to Plate”.  Shantiniketan Indian School exhibited their scientific knowledge and ideas through two working models based on concepts : Hydroponics and Organic farming. The team consisted of 10 members from 10th and 11th grade namely: Emelith, Sama, Labeeba, Bushra, Neena, Suprina, Haripriya, Urba, Merita and Arjun. The models attracted the audience who were keen to know more about the concept and working. The exhibition was a very effective method of educating people on health, conservation etc. The Hydroponics model was based on the modern method of farming and promoted the growth of plants without the use of soil. And the organic farming model exhibited, told the whole journey of food from farm to plate. It was an astounding experience for all the participating students as they interacted with the public, and told them about healthy and natural food.

The exhibition ended with the declaration of the results. Students and teachers eagerly waited with anticipation for it with hopes crossing their hearts. The prayer of their hearts were answered when SIS was declared the winner of the competition .Truly it was a moment of rejoice for all the students and teachers, who worked extremely hard for it. May SIS continue to shine in all fields in the future as well.

Students (involved)
1. Arujun M (10 B)
2. Urba Chowdhury (10 B)
3. Merita Suresh (10 B)
4. Bushra (11 A)
5. Sama Sajeed (11 A)
6. Neena Jane Rebeiro (11 A)
7. Labeeba Ahmed (11 A)
8. Haripriya Krishnamurthy (11 A)
9. Emelith Florendo Cerbito (11 A)

10. Suprina Shreshtha (11 A)

Teachers (involved)
1. Mr M.A.Saleem (In – Charge)
2. Mr Suresh Kumarisadan
3. Mr Kamarudheen
4. Mr. Jamal MP
5. Mrs.Nimisha D’Souza
6. Mrs.Cathlene
7. Mrs.Lalitha
8. Mr.Tono Fernandez


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