18th Annual Sports Day

18th Annual Sports Day of Shantiniketan Indian School was held at Al-Arabi Sports Club. Students in large number contested in various track and field events in which Red House emerged as Champions for the second consecutive years.

The event was graced by the auspicious presence of Dr. Saif Ali Al-Hajari, Chairman of Friends of the Environment Center, Vice–President of Education Committee, Chamber of Commerce and SIS Advisory Council Member. Mr. K. C. Abdul Lateef, President of the School Management Committee motivated the young athletes with this benign presence.

Fiza Fathima (Kiddies girls), Saud Muhammed K (Kiddies boys), Noor Mohamed (Mini Junior girls), Mirshab Ummer Kutty (Mini Junior boys), Sania Aziz Khan (Sub Junior girls), Hamad Riaz (Sub Junior boys), Iqra Fowzia (Junior girls), Sohrab  Patel (Junior boys), Ganga (Junior girls), Bishal Chanda (Junior boys), Sadiya Anwar (Intermediate girls), Akil Ahmed (Intermediate boys), Sharon Elizabeth (Pre-Senior girls), Criton George (Pre-Senior boys), Rahana Mohamed (Senior girls) & Farsan Riaz (Senior Boys) emerged as individual champions in their respective categories.

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