November 27, 2018

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  • Exhibition on “Eco-friendly and Sustainable Development held at SIS

    SIS and the Cultural Forum jointly organized an Inter-school Exhibition on “Eco-friendly and Sustainable Development at SIS. The exhibits from Shantiniketan Indian School, Rajagiri Public School and Olive International School included eco-friendly development models focusing on resource management, recycling, non-conventional energy, rain water harvesting, hydroponics and many such innovative ideas on sustainable development. In the […]


    Students from Shantiniketan Indian School took part in the ISC skipping rope open championship organized by Olive International School on 24th November 2018 in the Under-18, Under-12 and the Adult Category for boys and girls. Diya Manoj Sethy of class V-G won the title in in the Under-12 category of the hops as well as […]

  • International Kids Film Festival -2018 at SIS

    Shantiniketan Indian School hosted International Kids Film Festival from 18th to 21st November 2018. During the film festival held at the school eighteen hundred students watched 18 award winning movies. Teachers, parents, alumni, Members of managing Committee and community members attended this mega event. Two Hundred films from thirty countries in various genre which included […]