December 11, 2019

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  • SIS organises Students’ Discussion Forum on “Integrity – A Way of Life.”

    Students of Shantiniketan Indian School (SIS) held a discussion in front of the gathering of their teachers on “Integrity – A Way of Life” to highlight the importance of being honest and having strong moral principles with a holistic approach. The discussion was moderated by Master Adithya Hubli, who insisted on adopting the ethos of […]

  • Physi Kids

    “Physi Kids – An active step towards Genuine Self-awareness…” ‘Physi kids’ – a fun filled learning activity was organised for the kids of the pre-primary section to develop their kinesthetic sense. A well planned set of physical activities, that included play a ball, ride a bike, hop skip and jump, play Simon says, Spatial awareness, […]

  • Career Talk on Bachelor Courses in Germany

    Senior Secondary students of SIS attended a career counselling session on courses available for study in German Universities. Mr. Akram Mohammed, head of Business development, Cambridge training and consultancy explained the education system in Germany, the courses offered by the Universities, Admission processes and the facilities provided.  The session was interactive and informative for students […]

  • SIS Hosts International Kids Film Festival – 2019

    Shantiniketan Indian School hosted the International Kids film festival recently. The event aimed at imbibing social values among children through carefully selected age specific short films of different genres. A total of 2056 students watched movies from different countries. Movies like ‘3 Feet’, ‘Weep’ and ‘Shuffled’ caught the attention of the students and attracted them […]