3-Day Professional Development Program conducted at SIS

Makeover 17, a three-day training session for teachers on different aspects of teaching learning process in adherence to the academic capacity building was organized by Shantiniketan Indian School.

Dr. Subhash B Nair, Principal, in his session on Challenges to Active Learning discussed the key issues and inspired teachers to better the learning environment for a sustainable progress in the overall performance of the students. He also discussed the various changes being introduced by the Central Board of Secondary Education for the Board Examination 2020.

Mr. Shakir Hussain introduced the concept of Design Teaching highlighting the role of the teachers in designing thinking by discovering the challenges, interpreting, ideating and experimenting to develop engaging teaching strategies to meet the 21st century challenges for the students. Ms. Sameena Hussain discussed the various strategies through Values could be imbibed among the learners to make them responsible global citizens. She also recalled how the Core Values of SIS is integrated and imbibed in the students through the teaching learning process. Mrs. Nihala Zainab, the Counsellor, sensitized the teachers to ensure Gender Equality to avoid discrimination and ensure fairness in dealing with genders to promote equality and freedom among students for a better environment.

This Makeover was an interactive and activity oriented session with multimedia presentations, role plays, skits and group discussions, which enriched the knowledge base, skills and preparedness of a teacher to face major changes in the trends in education. The purpose of the session was Academic Capacity Building of teachers, and to practice the processes developed and make the tagline of the school “Every child can learn and achieve High performance.”

The Panelist consisting of Mrs. Latha Shyammohan, Mrs. Teena Lancy, Mrs. Celina D’Souza, Mrs. Jayasree Subhash, Mrs. Shobi Stephen, discussed on Tools and Techniques of Classroom Management to help teachers encounter the most intriguing challenge in the teaching process. An intense discussion was carried out during which the audience also played an active role adding values to the views of the panelists.

Mr. Syed Meraj Ali, Head teacher of Senior Secondary Section and the Coordinator of the QNSA Team, discussed the various aspects of QNSA Standards on Educational Performance and Learning Environment as well as Development and Care for Learners. Existing practices were discussed and suggestions for further improvement were made to further improve the quality standards of the school.

In the closing ceremony, teachers expressed their appreciation to the Management and the school officials for providing them with such a productive Professional Development Programme.


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