A Day Out

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The students of KG & Primary wing had a gala time on 22nd February 2015 as they spent a day out without books in the company of their friends and teachers. A pleasant morning with bright sunshine all around, was just ideal for some amusing and exciting fresh air fun filled activities……

Students were given access to physically active life style like running, jogging, skipping, jumping, throwing and catching a ball. They were engaged in conversation and free talk with peer groups. Teachers’ encouraged them to share their unforgettable moments, enact stories with dialogues and to explore the environment and to ask questions.

The air echoed with laughter and joy when children enthusiastically participated in recreational activities, free play and fun games like passing the parcel, farmer in the den, catch the dragon’s tail, fire on the mountain etc.  Memory games, word games, dumb charades were an added attraction.

It was a well-deserved break which added a new charm and interest to their daily routine school life. Besides, it developed in our children a strong sense of curiosity, ardor and inquisitiveness about the aspects of the world around them.

It was a lively and gratifying experience filled with excitement, freedom, experimentation, exploration and enjoyment at its peak….. Undoubtedly a thrilling day as each child’s face glowed with exuberance and ecstasy.

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