A session with Juvenile Police in Qatar

Shantiniketan Indian School organised a session with the Juvenile Police Department in Qatar on the 6th of September, in the Multi-Purpose Hall. The session was initiated by Mr. Mudassir Kirmani (HOD – Arabic) and was attended by the students of Grade 12. It served as an educational forum for participants to better understand how Qatar addresses juvenile issues and maintains law and order concerning young individuals. The session involved interaction with students, likely to educate them about the role of the Juvenile Police Department. First Lieutenant, Muhammed Abdulla Al-Naama, along with his translator, Mr. Omar Hudawi discussed both positive and negative behavioural aspects, likely related to juvenile behaviour, and the role of the Juvenile Police Department in addressing these issues. Various societal issues were discussed, including cyberbullying, internet-related cons and scams, the importance of not sharing personal data and etc. The representatives shared real-life experiences related to the consequences of committing crimes and breaking laws in Qatar. It served as an educational platform to promote awareness and understanding among participants, particularly students, about the significance of maintaining the rights and welfare of young individuals within the justice system. The session concluded with a note of appreciation by Vice Principal – Dr. Salil Hassan, acknowledging the participants’ active engagement and the efforts of the Juvenile Police Department in Qatar in safeguarding the interests of juveniles and ensuring a just and supportive environment for their growth and development.

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