A Trip to Al Dosari Zoo

The field trips enriches hands-on, real-world experiences, quality of education, positive attitudes to science and motivation towards the subjects, improvement of the socialization between students, which would impinge on the classroom, and development of rapport between teachers and students, enabling teachers to utilize other learning strategies such as cooperative and real-life, hands on learning.

A history of field trips, if we consider the long term, we will realize that children have learned by being with their parents or placed in apprentice situations with employers for most of human history. In a sense, field trips were the norms, until the invention of formal education.

On 29th October 2015, students of the Class VIII had a field trip to Al Dosari Zoo and Game Reserve under the supervision of middle school teachers.

Al Dosari Zoo and Game Reserve is located nearby Shahaniyya. The first attraction of the park is museum. Students were guided to the museum as two separate groups. In the museum plant herbarium, stuff models of animals and birds of Qatar and other African countries along with the Qatar heritage are displayed which are very informative and inspirational. During the visit, the detailed explanation of the guide was helpful and informative for the students and teachers.

After the visit to museum students were taken to see the animals. The animals are separated as their species and names are displaced like Lion, zebra, horse, monkey, camel, fox etc. It was interesting to see our student’s curiosity and enthusiasm through-out the visit.

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