• English

    Head of English Department

    Mr. Manuel Robin Pon Pandian

  • Mathematics

    Head of Mathematics Department

    Mrs. Shamsiya Shuhaibu

  • Social Science

    Head of Social Science Department

    Mr. Shakir Hussain


  • Science


    Head of Science Department

    Mr. Abdul Saleem Mohammed

  • ICT

    Head Teacher (ICT)

    Head of ICT Department

    Mr. Syam Krishna M.S.

  • Commerce

    Head Teacher (Senior Secondary)

    Head of Commerce Department

    Mr. Syed Meraj Ali



  • Islamic Studies

    Head of Islamic Studies Department

    Mr. Jaseer

  • Physical Education

    Head of Physical Education Department

    Mr.Tanveer Mehdi

  • Music, Dance & Art

    Head of Music, Dance and Art

    Mr. Noufal KV

Indian and Foreign Languages

  • Hindi & Tamil

    Head of Hindi & Tamil Department

    Mrs. Varghese Antony

  • Malayalam

    Head of Malayalam Department

    Mr. Prasad P.

  • Arabic

    Head of Arabic, Urdu & French

    Mr. Mudassir A. Kirmani


School Counselors

  • Mrs. Nihala Zainab

  • Mrs. Jasna Mohammed Ismayil