Annual Athletic Meet 2023-24

Shantiniketan Indian School celebrated its 24th Annual Athletic Meet on December 21, 2023, promoting fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The day featured various athletic events, showcasing students’ talents. The opening ceremony, led by the Asst. Head Boy, Master Muhammed Shareef, set the tone, with the principal, Mr. Rafeeq Raheem, emphasizing the importance of sports in education. Students across age groups participated enthusiastically in track and field events, demonstrating exceptional skills in sprints, jumps, and throws. The relay races added excitement and team spirit, creating a thrilling atmosphere. Organized by the P.E. Department, the well-coordinated event saw active participation from teachers, parents, and supporters. The Sports Day highlighted the significance of sports in holistic education, fostering teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.
Here are the details of the individual champions of all categories:

  1. Kiddies Boys KG 1- Mohammed Salah Anvar Ponpara (KG 1A)
  2. Kiddies Boys KG-II – Aamin Farook(KG2-B)
  3. Kiddies Girls KG I – Rachel Jacob (KG IA)
  4. Kiddies Girls KG II – Aisha Aifa (KG 2B)
  5. Mini Junior Boys – Nathan Steve Jibin (2C)
  6. Mini Junior Girls – Renisha Mohammed Pasha(2C)
  7. Sub-Junior Boys – Steve Rayan Sagaya Jaikar(4A)
  8. Sub- Junior Girls– Mihan Anas(4A)
  9. Junior Boys – Muadh Shihab (6E)
  10. Junior Girls – Segu Beevi Mohideen Pitchai (6E)
  11. Intermediate Boys- Rifaz Muhammed(8D)
  12. Intermediate Girls- Nihaa Ajmal Nabeel(7D)
  13. Pre-Senior Boys- Anfal(10F)
  14. Pre-Senior Girls-Ann Rose Vinod(10A)
  15. Senior Boys – Salman Shihab(12A)
  16. Senior Girls- Dichha Khadka(12A)
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