Annual Day 2015 – An Extravaganza


Shantiniketan Indian School organized its 16th Annual Day in its premises with cultural extravaganza, themed Fantasy on Thursday, 3rd December 2015. The celebration was a blend of fiction, creative imagination and valiant symphony. The Chief Guest of the function was Mr. Saoud Saad Majid Al Saad Al Kuwari, Director of SIS and the Guest of Honour was Mr. Dinesh Udena, Secretary-Embassy of India- Doha, Qatar.Mr. M.I.Abdul Azeez, Chairman of Executive Council – Majlis Education Trust, Kozhikode-Kerala and also Chairman of Madhyamam Broadcasting Company running Media One TV, also graced the show as Guest of Honour.

The theme Fantasy was modernized to spread wonderful and inspiring messages, through mesmerizing performances for our upcoming generation.

The event began with the supplication to God, and was followed by an enthralling performance by the tiny tots of KG wing, who enacted the famous classic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. The prayer song by the primary classes rejuvenated the souls of the audience. The head boy of SIS –Naveen Kelvin welcomed the gathering and made way for the amazing performances that followed.

The President of the School Management Committee – Mr. KC Abdul Latheef addressed the gathering and expressed his happiness on the presence of the distinguished guests. He shared his happy moments which included the achievements in November and the appreciation showered by SEC. He further stated that the students will not miss any opportunities provided to them based on any differentiation. It was followed by the annual report by the principal Dr. Subhash Nair, highlighting the achievement of the school in the year 2015-2016 and congratulating the students’parents, teachers and the managementfor theircooperation in achieving the goals of the school.

The school and subject toppers of CBSE and CBSE-i, and students with astounding achievements were honored by the Chief Guest and other distinguished guests present on the occasion. Mr. Tono Fernandez and Mrs. Arifa were honored for their estimable long service to the school. The award ceremony was followed by the appreciation speech by the head girl-Salwa Jalaluddhin, expressing her gratitude to the audience for their presence in the occasion.

Addressing the packed up audience, the Guest of Honor, Mr. Dinesh Udenia marked the evening with his speech, conveying the importance of practice in bringing perfection and also emphasized the importance of looking up and observing around themselves for the students, captivating the minds of the audiences.

Note of appreciation was then conveyed by Salwa Jalaluddin, Head Girl of SIS, expressing her gratitude to everyone for their benign presence as a part of the celebration.

The cultural extravaganza commenced with the theme song “I Have a Dream”. The audiences were enchanted in the fantasy world, which was groomed and presented by the KG, Primary, Junior, Middle, Secondary & Senior Secondary students as well as CBSE-i students.

Famous fairy tales performed by KG and Primary wing highlighted the message “good triumphs over evil”. Students of CBSE-i enacted the story of Red Riding Hood leaving the audiences spellbound for their amazing performances. Performance of Junior and Middle section, performing on thrilled fantasy brought about an air of mystery around and highlighted the message of bringing an end to child labor. The students of Secondary Section performed with amalgamation of skit, dance and music to grip the audience’s attention and brought out the essence of fantasy.

Then the final performance of the day was done by the Senior Secondary section which was again an amalgamation of skit, dance and music, showcasing how people discover their true selves.

At last, the vote of thanks was presented by Vice-Principal Academics, Mr. Shihabudeen Pulath, expressing his sincere thanks to the chief guest, the guest of honor, the president, the principal, the management, and all the distinguished guests. He also congratulated all the students, teachers and the coordinators for making the event a grand success.

The celebration ended with the Qatar & Indian National Anthem, paying respect to both the countries.

The cultural extravaganza with fantasy left a lasting impression on everyone starting from audiences to guests. The distinguished guests, parents and other audiences appreciated the performances that reflected the team efforts of staffs and students.

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