Reading as a habit has been on wane in recent years. At Shantiniketan, we understand the importance of reading and try to cultivate a habit of reading in the children at a young age. The school library has hundreds of volumes of books spanning diverse domains of knowledge to encourages the love of reading and learning. The members of the school community come to browse, read, study, and explore.


The school has spacious well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, Mathematics, Engineering graphics and Home Science with state-of-the- art equipment to ensure a better practical knowledge. This provides hands-on-experience and helps in better understanding and retention of the subject. An integrated Computer and Language lab to hone the Linguistic Skills along with training materials for TOFEL and IELTS is accessible to the students.



The School has a professionally laid out football field that is of International Size and conforms to world class standards- fully turfed.


The School has an excellent basketball court and offers best-in-class coaching to students interested in the game. The School also encourages students to actively take up team games and participate in intra school and inter school competitions to improve their game and at the same time to keep up their spirit of sportsmanship.


Indoor Badminton Court provide excellent opportunities for students to excel in the sport.


A well laid out volleyball court provide excellent opportunities for students to excel in the sport. Students are encouraged to participate in inter house as well as inter school tournaments.


The multimedia facilities in SIS is a world-class comprehensive technology that enables teaching through global teaching resources such as Animation Clips, Videos, Pictures etc. drawn from the vast digital repository across the world. Teachers then use these resources right inside the Classrooms using a display device and a networked computer to teach their specific subjects and topics.


Art and Craft are one of the most enjoyed sessions by children and ample opportunities are given to trigger their imagination and talents. The photographs that are exhibited in the school and published in the e- magazine speaks volume about Art and craft club.

Music and Dance lessons make students relaxed and rejuvenated. SIS has a well surround system and a floor that supports all kinds of dance.


The world meets, shares and opines on the internet. The vast virtual community is integrated into the school with High Speed Broadband Internet Connection.


Textbooks, Notebooks, Uniform and other stationery items can be bought from the Stationery Store which is open during break timings.


The Tuck Shop caters to the needs of the young ones and the staff throughout the day.


Each student is unique and problems also may be unique. The counselling is an ongoing process and part of curriculum. Students can always utilize this facility to sort out their problems and follow up guidance will be provided including Parents and teachers.


It is a body for democratic process and cradle of Political School for providing competent leaders.  We would like to teach and mould suitable leadership charisma.



  1. To create scientific spirit among children.
  2. To solve pertinent issues related to them and their surroundings.
  3. To explore more about their subjects and put forward the new perspectives.
  4. Innovation in the field.
  5. to contribute great scientist and discoverers and inventors.


  1. Action research: To solve immediate problems in the classrooms and learning and teaching.
  2. Continuous research: Part of the curriculum to generate new knowledge, to validate existing knowledge to discover and invent.



Value education is embedded within our curriculum and we are in developing responsible and answerable citizens. Self-realization and self-actualization are focused in the moral education. We believe in a Philosophy of the betterment of life and strongly propose the necessity of re-organization of existing life dilemma and existential questions of the existing mass and future generation. Simplicity and humanness are the slogans for the growing child who shall feel the pain when he sees or hear a human being is suffering elsewhere in the world. Equality, justice, freedom and welfare of the fellow beings are given importance as part of societal renovation.


For a healthy mind in a healthy body, our school provides appropriate facilities for complete health, which takes an incorporated view of all the three important aspects of a human being – body, mind and soul.

There is a well-resourced medical room which functions during the school hours. Very skilled professional is in attendance to ensure all emergencies are treated with utmost care and attention.

The First-aid room provides:

Staff nurse

Complete first aid facilities

Facility to refer to specific clinics as per consent of the child’s parents

In addition, medical check-ups and proper medical records of every student are maintained and helpful suggestions are provided to students and their parents for being fit, physically and mentally. Also, School has tie-up with several medical centers in Qatar, where our students can avail free check-ups.

Students are taught about the different aspects of Health. First-aid classes are conducted: lifestyle and diet management techniques are imparted to promote good health; stress management (aided with yoga and meditation) are taught and the significance of immunization are emphasized.


As our catchment is very wide, a fleet of around 60 air conditioned buses ply in various routes. Drivers and Conductors are well trained, who can handle any type of situation. All these Drivers are given mobile phones with post-paid connection to contact the Parents and other concerned staff in School.

Comfortable seats enable a pleasant journey.

Students can avail transport facility subject to availability of seats.

A bus conductor is always there to monitor the safety of students.

Student’s safety & security is our first priority. Guidelines are there for everyone to follow.

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