Campus Familiarization Programme

Every corner holds a new adventure – KG campus exploration…!!

The Pre-Primary Section of SIS recently organized a familiarization program on March 24th and 25th, 2024, extending a warm welcome to kindergarteners and their families.

Interactive sessions facilitated valuable partnerships between parents, dedicated kindergarten teachers, and faculty members. Guided tours provided a comprehensive overview of the campus layout, including KG classrooms, administrative offices, multi-purpose hall, Library, Medical room,and play area.

Parents received crucial information about transportation, health, and classroom routines, and had the opportunity to share insights into their child’s interests and habits. Children were delighted with welcome gifts of pencils, chocolates, glittery stars, and smiley crafts.

Mr. Manaf, Transport Incharge, addressed transportation-related queries, while the SIS counseling team, Mrs. Faheema, and Mrs.Reshna, offered guidance on managing behavioral issues and fostering a stress-free learning environment.

This familiarization endeavor underscores SIS’s commitment to fostering a collaborative partnership between parents, students, and teachers. By blending interactive engagements, informative handouts, and immersive campus experiences, parents gained an explicit understanding of the school’s ethos, curriculum, and support framework.

The initiative successfully instilled confidence in young learners as they embarked on their educational journey, with Senior Head Teacher, Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan, expressing profound satisfaction at the overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents, highlighting the resounding success of the program.

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