Campus Familiarization

“A gracious welcome to the new admits creates a pleasing and reassuring ambience…”

The Pre Primary section of SIS organized familiarization of the class and campus to welcome kindergarteners and their families. The session was held from 22nd March to 29th March, 2017.

It was a unique experience for the parents as they embarked on an exciting journey of their child’s education.

The interactive sessions provided a wonderful opportunity to meet the team of dedicated kindergarten teachers and other faculty members. It helped to familiarize students with the school setting.

The campus looked bright and colourful. The child friendly classrooms created a rich environment that was both engaging and welcoming.

The students and parents were taken around the campus and they got to know the lay out of the school-the kindergarten classrooms, accounts and transport dept., Principal’s office, Head Teacher’s office, Canteen area etc. Children were excited by the distinct features of the kindergarten classrooms.

During the interaction the parents received information about bus schedules, parent pick up time, health issues, field trips, class room routines etc. Parents also shared the talent, interest and habits of their child with their teachers so as to facilitate learning of their ward in the best possible way.  The teachers addressed issues which were of concern to the parents. The students were provided with diaries and ID Cards.

The Kindergarten handbook provided a deep insight into our Kindergarten Programme. Video clippings of various activities conducted in the school were shown to the parents.

Mr. Manaf, Transport Incharge addressed parents about issues related to transport.

SIS counselling team Mrs.Nihala and Mrs. Sumayya guided the parents to deal with behavioural issues and provided with effective tips for a stress free learning experience.

The endeavour was successful in instilling confidence in the young ones as they step out to explore their curiosity and anticipate the joy of learning.

Head Teacher Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan was overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment to receive a highly positive and favourable feedback from the parents about this meticulously planned endeavour.

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