Career Guidance Session on ACCA

Shantiniketan Indian School organized a Career Guidance Session to educate students about the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification and its numerous benefits. The session aimed to provide valuable insights into the ACCA program, career prospects, and the skills required for success in the field of accounting and finance. The career guidance session was hosted by Mr. Zohaib Sabir, Program Manager at Excellence Training Centre, Qatar. The session followed a structured agenda covering points like introduction to ACCA and its worldwide recognition as a prestigious accounting qualification. An in-depth overview of the ACCA qualification was provided, including the exam structure, entry requirements, and the number of exams needed to become an ACCA affiliate. The session highlighted the vast array of career benefits that ACCA offers, such as global job opportunities, competitive salaries, and a broad spectrum of roles in accounting, finance, and management. A discussion on the essential skills and competencies required to excel in the accounting and finance sector, including analytical skills, communication skills, and ethical considerations was carried out by the resource person. The session also touched upon the flexibility ACCA provides in terms of study options, allowing students to balance work and studies effectively. Students were encouraged to start building a professional network and seek internships or work experience to enhance their employability. Overall, the Career Guidance Session on ACCA awareness and benefits was a valuable initiative that equipped students with the knowledge and motivation they needed to consider ACCA as a viable career path.

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