Cartoon Fair

“Cartoon fair – a magical glaze sprinkled all over……”

Tiny tots had a feel of a magic world with a joyous welcome in the morning by cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Dora and Barbie….

A world of fantasy was created as the young ones dressed in their favourite cartoon characters strolled around bubbling over with infatuation, enthusiasm and zest. It made the environment charismatic and daze.

The cute little Hello kitty, the Baribie doll, Smart Dora, charming Fairy, Mickey and Minnie and many more were the attractions for girls and the boys walked in with Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Ben 10, the Tom and Jerry cast a magical spell on the little ones which engraved their memories with happiness that reflected gorgeously on their faces. The activity hall was transformed into a wonderland of dreams and fantasy…….the air was filled with fascination, charm and exuberance.

The stunning poses of these animated characters and the way they entered and cheered each and every classroom evoked loads of applaud and acclamation. The happiness within the little buds was radiating like a sunshine which was truly appealing….

Head Teacher Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan was beaming with happiness to see children enjoying in a welcoming environment amongst their favourite characters.

This amazing experience had filled the young ones with merriment and gaiety.



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