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Following the lines adventure

“An aura of unique motor skills” The activity of following the lines was conducted on 11th October 2023 by our toddlers of Pre-Primary Section. Activities were all about developing fine motor skills and coordination where children had a blast as they practiced standing on the correct strokes, identifying different strokes, and even walking on lines.

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Elders Day – Card Making

“Honoring wisdom and grace on elders”The young ones of our Pre-Primary Section of SIS came enthusiastically prepared with explicit cards to celebrate the Elder`s Day conducted on 1st October 2023 in SIS.To honor and show appreciation to our elders, a heartwarming card-making activity was organized. This not only encouraged creative expression but also instilled values

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First Day at School

“Embarking on the Journey of Knowledge” On the 28th of August for KG II and the 29th of August for KG I, the inaugural day marked a momentous occasion for our little ones. Radiating with excitement, they adorned their crowns proudly and delved into a world of color through joyful coloring activities, setting the stage

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National Unity Day

“Togetherness leads to harmony and harmony leads to peace” National Unity Day was observed on 31st October in order to foster and reinforce values of unity. To mark this occasion, the children of Primary section took the pledge during their homeroom period and joined for the Run for Unity and prepared beautiful posters.

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Cleanliness Drive

“Cleanliness is a sign of development” Cleanliness Drive was organized on the 10th the October 2023 by the students of Primary Section. As a part of this drive, students took up the task of cleaning up classrooms and the campus. Collaborative efforts were taken to make the children aware about the importance of cleanliness.

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No Bag Day

“A day of happiness without school bags”Children of Classes1 and 2 arrived happily to the school to celebrate the ‘No Bag day’. The objective was to develop values in the students and to hone their creativity. They enthusiastically took part in various hands on activities. Science experiments, craft activities, outdoor games that were conducted during

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World Food Day

“ Leave no one behind” As a part of Community Service, The World food day was celebrated on 16th October under the theme “Leave no one behind”. The students of Grade I and II were educated on the importance of healthy eating and a sense of sharing with the needy. The students were happy as

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World Elders Day

“A day of celebration to appreciate and respect elders” The Students of Grade I and II celebrated the World Elders Day. The children were given the opportunity to highlight the valuable contributions of the elders by expressing their love and respect through greeting cards. It was a heartwarming event, fostering intergenerational connections and instilling values

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Teachers’ Discussion Forum

Shantiniketan Indian School conducted the Teachers’ Discussion Forum on January 7, 2024, intending to foster reflection, collaboration, and professional growth among the faculty.Principal, Mr. Rafeeq Rahim, shared insightful reflections and set forth his expectations for the upcoming academic term, providing a vision for the collective efforts of the teaching staff, with his focus on curriculum,

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SIS Students Excel in the GEMA’s International Competitions

SIS students have demonstrated exceptional talent and skill in the GEMA’s Short Story Writing Competitions and International Painting Olympics. Shaza Haifa of grade10 has been recognized and rewarded for her outstanding short story, while Svetlana Mary Shibu of grade 7 has been honored for her exceptional performance in the painting competitions. Additionally, Stefano Antony Shibu

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Arabic Language Day

Shantiniketan Indian School’s Arabic Language Day event on December 11, 2023, was a resounding success, highlighting the cultural richness of the Arabic language. Students showcased diverse talents, including Quranic recitations, patriotic choir performances, eloquent speeches, and entertaining theatrical skits. The event emphasized the historical and cultural significance of Arabic, fostering unity and understanding within the

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Annual Athletic Meet 2023-24

Shantiniketan Indian School celebrated its 24th Annual Athletic Meet on December 21, 2023, promoting fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The day featured various athletic events, showcasing students’ talents. The opening ceremony, led by the Asst. Head Boy, Master Muhammed Shareef, set the tone, with the principal, Mr. Rafeeq Raheem, emphasizing the importance of sports in education.

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SIS Student Shines in the Sirat-Un-Nabi Competitions 2023-24

The Sirat-Un-Nabi Elocution Competitions, organized by MES Indian School, took place on November 9th, 2023. Aisha Siddiqa (12A) from Shantiniketan Indian School achieved an impressive second position in the senior category. Her speech focused on the Islamic perspective of achieving world peace.This achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of Aisha Siddiqa,

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Shantiniketan Indian School organised SIS STREAM EXPO 2023 on December14, 2023 in the school campus that showcased exhibits from the realm of Science, Technology, Literature, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and integrating with Qatari Culture & Islamic values. The event turned impressive with creativity, innovation and a vivid array of talents of students across all grades.The Educational

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