CBSE (i) Poster making competition (Youth Festival session-1)

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The CBSE (i) wing organized poster making competition for Students of grade I to IX. The competition was held on 24th Feb 2014 in the class rooms from 10 AM to 11.30 AM for Junior Section, and 10.45 to 11.45 for Senior Section. The class teachers monitored the entire event. .Topic of the competition was,” Cleanliness, Health is wealth, Save animals, Stop violence. “To make them aware of healthy practices and need of having fellow feeling towards all.

The following participants bagged the prizes.

Junior Section

Class -1(i) a

  1. Nour
  2. Ayser
  3. Rida

Class -1(i) B

  1. Fatima Shameer
  2. Athelya yohance
  3. Fawaz

Class -2(i) a

  1.  Saja
  2. Pranshu
  3. Sohaila

Class -2(i) a

  1. Shreyansh
  2. Mohammad Zain
  3. Ahamed Ismail

Class -3(i) a

  1. Bhumika
  2. Esraa
  3. Shrvya

Class – 4(i) a

  1. Fatima,Sadia,Shali
  2. Ganga,Sathammai,Jannat,Ala Abeer
  3. Hisham,Adnan,Musa,Aryan

Class -5(i) a

  1. Marjan.
  2. Salma Ahamed
  3. Yousaf Ramil

Class -5(i) B

  1. Namitha,Maria,Lamya,Devika
  2. Fida,Huda,Fatima,Mariyam
  3. Swaleh,Shabas,Luxman,Ashraf

Senior Section

Class -8(i) a

  1. Hussain
  2. Sudhvi Subhtah
  3. Ahmed Abdulrahiman

Class -9(i) a

  1. Asthakanth
  2. Waseem
  3. Fahim
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