Celebrating the Elegance of Urdu

Urdu Day at Shantiniketan Indian School was a splendid tribute to the richness and elegance of the Urdu language, a cultural gem that resonates deeply with our diverse student community. Held on 09.11.2023, the event aimed to foster an appreciation for Urdu speech, poetry, riddles, and Word games among the students. The students of grade 4 to 12 participated in the event.

The festivities commenced with a dignified opening ceremony that included the Quran recitation by Master Anfal and Mohammad Imran. One of the highlights of the day was the Urdu poetry recitation by Mr. Aleem setting the tone for a day dedicated to the beauty of the Urdu language.
The students from different grades eloquently presented the speech, riddles, and the word game. The event not only showcased the linguistic prowess of the participants but also brought forth the emotional depth embedded in the Urdu language.

Urdu Day at Shantiniketan Indian School was a celebration of linguistic and cultural heritage that left a lasting impact on our school community. The children’s performance was praised by Principal Mr. Rafeeq Raheem for motivating the presenters sharing some information about the linguistic beauty of Urdu Language. The Vice- Principal Dr. Salil Hassan who enlightened the children about the beauty of Urdu and emphasized on the reason of its celebration, the head of Urdu department Mr Mudassir Kirmani applauded the students’ efforts for the wonderful program and spotlighted the traits and qualities ALLAMAH IQBALS young man depicted in his poetry. Headteacher Ms. Mehjabeen Hassan also expressed her joy and happiness for conducting this event and appreciated the performances. The event underscored the importance of preserving and cherishing languages that weave together the tapestry of our shared heritage.

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