Children’s Day Celebration at SIS

Shantiniketan Indian School celebrated Children’s Day on Monday, 14th November 2022 in a unique and momentous way.

Students had a blessed welcome with the glorious recitation of the few verses of the holy Qur’an conveying the message of love, respect and gratitude.

Cheerful and lively welcome songs by the teachers brightened the hearts of our students. Teachers joined to sing several songs which are an all-time favorites of our children and a multi-cultural mash up was also organized as a surprise performance for them. The zeal and enthusiasm of the teachers was at its peak while performing on the foot taping dance numbers like the FIFA official song and many other trending numbers. Malayalam fusion dance, chair dance, and a medley were performed which left the children mesmerized and enthralled. Besides, a friendly football match was also played between the staff and senior students. Undoubtedly it formed an apt platform for the children to grasp ethical values like respect, admiration, love and care.

There was an amalgamation of fun, frolic, songs, art / craft, music and values. The multipurpose hall was vibrant with music, laughter and excitement. Chocolates were distributed to all the students and the entire campus was in a festive mood.

A special message of love and blessings was conveyed by our beloved Principal, Ms. Pamela Ghosh, where she compared the children with self-propelled butterflies – beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable that lead you to the sunny side of life. She conveyed the message that each child is unique, different, special and beautiful. Her inspirational message etched a long lasting impression on each and every child.

The occasion was graced by our honorable President, Mr. Rasheed Ahmed, who expressed his pleasure for being provided with a wonderful opportunity to relive his childhood. He conveyed his cordial wishes to the children and congratulated the teachers for their fun filled and impressive performance.

The celebrations focused on the children and their enjoyment. It was indeed a delightful and memorable day for the teachers as well as our students.

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