Children’s Day Celebration

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Close on the heels of Children’s Day Celebration, SIS organised a grand programme with gaiety and fervour on the school premises. It was a fun-filled day for the students. The teachers made the day special, as they had a lot of fun-filled activities lined for them. All the cultural items were organized and performed by the teachers. So the day had the theme ‘With love – from teachers to students’.

The day began with a colourful vista of activities organized by the K G and Primary wing of the school followed by the other departments. The teachers staged a gala of fun and frolic activities include pillow dance, bucket dance, kitchen orchestra etc which attracted the tiny tots and took them to realm of ecstasy.

The talented teachers of the Junior wing presented a colourful theme-oriented cultural programme include Children’s Day message, group song, fun facts and funny games ect.  The whole show provided the students with a spectacular feast to commemorate the day. The bulletin boards in the area were filled up with the letters written and sent to the children by the teachers. The letters read love and affectionate words spreading the awareness on the importance of the day’s celebration.

The campus was buzzing with excitement and joy as the teachers of the Middle section and CBSE(I) wing were beautifully dressed-up and put up a cultural extravaganza. The notice boards were decorated with messages and children’s day wishing to the children, signifying the meaning of Children’s Day .Children were welcomed with sweets and chocolates and each class had animated cartoons and movies  to enjoy, besides some Quizzes , Puzzles , Dances , Crosswords , Riddles , Tongue Twisters and games. Attractive gifts were given to children of Montessori and class 1. In the Montessori wing, a Special Fancy Dress was organized during which children were clad on the attire of Chachaji. It was a wonderful, colourful and expressive day where smiling faces and joyful songs filled the air. Earlier there was a basket ball match between the teachers and the students in which the students won beating the teachers.

Another attraction of the day was the scintillating dance performances presented by the teachers. Students were excited to see the teachers stepping elegantly and gracefully according to the rhythm. The whole hall was reverberated when the teachers presented a chain song connected with the bits of different song. Students were found enjoying the presentation as the whole audience danced along with the songs.

The teachers of secondary and senior secondary sections also entertained the students with their outstanding talent and creativity. Students actively involved in the spontaneous games and bagged many prizes. Thus the whole day turned to be a day for enjoyment and enlightenment.

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