Children’s Day Celebrations

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SIS celebrated Children’s Day on Thursday, 12th November in a unique and momentous way.

Children had a blessed welcome with the glorious recitation of the few verses of the holy Qur’an conveying a virtuous message of obedience, respect and honour to their beloved parents.

A joyous melodious welcome song by the teachers brightened the hearts of our little ones marking the pleasant morning.

Teachers joined to sing songs like Aa Chal ke Mujhe, We shall overcome, Children’s day….joyous day…etc. The most awaited moment was when students enthusiastically participated in fun games like balloon bursting, musical chairs, passing the parcel etc.

The zeal and enthusiasm of the teachers was at its peak while enacting as students in a captivating humorous skit presented in the most amusing, comical and hilarious manner. Undoubtedly it formed an apt platform for the children to impart ethical values like Compassion, Generosity, Attentiveness, Tranquility and Perseverance.

There was amalgamation of fun, frolic, songs, dance, music and values.  A video presentation capturing the most amazing and funny acts was thoroughly enjoyed by the children. Students dressed in traditional sherwani/achkan and kurtas stood with pride and adulation to represent Nehru as an epitome of Love, Peace and Kindness.

Various presentations like an invigorating mime show, thematic tableau, inspiring monoact, comical role play and fun games created good entertaining sessions accompanied by the deafening cheers from the students and brought the audience to their feet in acclamation. The activity hall was vibrant with music, laughter and excitement.

Principal Dr. Subhash Nair, Mr. Shihabuddin (Vice-Principal), and Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan (H.M Primary), Mrs. Prabha Saji (H.M Middle), Mrs. Jisha (H.M Junior) graced the occasion and congratulated the teachers for their elegant, dignified and impressive performance.

Meticulously planned sessions ensured a well-organized, graceful and value integrated display. The celebrations focused on children and their enjoyment.

It was a delightful day which etched a long lasting impression on each and every child.

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