Children’s Day Celebrations

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Teachers of SIS collaborated to bring that million dollar smile on all the faces of the Children at its Campus on 13th November, 2014. Celebrating the Children’s Day to mark the birthday of the First Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the teachers started with a melodious welcome song that brightened the young hearts and paved the way for a day that turned out to be an unforgettable one in their school life.

The teachers from KG wing, Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary enthusiastically participated in the meticulously designed programme that gave every student in the school an opportunity to witness their teachers perform before them.

Teachers formed a cohesive unit to sing songs like Bache Manke Sache…; Give me some Sunshine…; Tu Mera Dil, Ek Din Bik Jaye Ga…; Teachers also invited the students to participate in fun games like Truth and Dare; Find your Partner; Quick head; etc.

Middle School teachers led by Mr. Jasmir Faisal presented a Mime that conveyed the message “We should not blindly follow anyone.” Another Mime was presented by the Senior Secondary Teachers led by Mr. Tono Fernandez and Mr. Shamsudheen on the problems of using Mobile Phones carelessly.

A skit scripted by Mrs. Fatima Rizna of the Middle Section on the “importance of Education” was presented Mrs. Celina and her team of teachers. Mr. Shakir Hussain, coordinator of the Secondary Section along with Mr. Adam Shaikh, Mr. Shijo Varghese, Mr.Kamarudheen, Mr.Johnson and Mr. Sajish Kumar to perform a humorous skit that sent out a message to the students that skills and knowledge are two sides of the same coin that every student should carry with them when they step into the professional world.

Mrs. Sini Saji (Coordinator Sr. Secondary Section) and Mrs. Elizabeth, organized Fun & Dare in which the children and the teachers spoke their heart out to create an ecstatic atmosphere that enlivened the audience.

The most fascinating and energetic event was the Staff versus the Student Football Match organized by the Physical Education Department. The teachers’ team led by Mr. Shihabudeen Pullath (Vice Principal –Admin) showed the students what team spirit and skills are. They matched every passes and showed tremendous anticipation to foil their moves. The students cheered their teachers as they showed their youthful vigour to draw the match 1-1 at full time.

Mr. Dudley O’Connor, Vice Principal – CBSE (i) took the students of his section for a pleasure trip to the Aqua park where they spent the day in the cool blue water enjoying the rides and delicious snacks and refreshments. The teachers organized fun games for the children who participated enthusiastically and went back home with memories that will remain imprinted for a long time.

Principal –  Dr. Subhash Nair, Vice Principal (Admin) – Mr. Shihabudeen Pullath; Headmistress KG Wing – Mrs. Mehajabeen, Headmistress (Middle School) – Mrs. Prabha Saji, congratulated and thanked all teachers for making the day an eventful and memorable one for their students.

The purpose of the teachers – to see joy and smile on every faces – was achieved and students went back home relishing the wonderful time they spent in the school. Values like cooperation, team spirit, compassion, integrity and love was imbibed in an informal way.

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