Children’s Day

“Every giggle, every dream, a reminder of the magic they bring to our kindergarten world!!”

The blooming buds of Pre-Primary Section at SIS celebrated “Childrens Day” on the 14th November, 2023. The celebration was a joyous affair filled with laughter and excitement. From colourful decorations to lively activities, every corner of the classroom radiated happiness The day was marked with joy and enthusiasm with a beautiful video presentation, which included folk and Bumbro dances, a mash-up song, a jovial skit, an act of mime, and Oppana, by the teachers which added a special touch to commemorate the day. Classroom activities centred on fostering creativity, teamwork and most importantly fun. The highlight was a small treat for each child, making it a memorable and delightful Childrens Day for our little stars.

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