Clay Modeling

01 03

“Kids have fun and funky sensation squashing and trampling the clay.”

KG &Primary wing of SIS conducted clay modelling activity on 21st September. Students participated with a lot of gaiety and enthusiasm.

The tactile hands on nature of clay made children get engrossed while allowing for a high degree of creativity. Under the guidance and direction of their teachers our little ones came up with their own ideas and stunning creations.

The little hands worked smoothly and efficiently to fulfil their heart’s desires and fantasies. Manipulation with clay provided an outlet for children to physically convey their emotions and reduce stress. They pounded, squeezed, rolled and blended the clay to make some unique and amazing creations like fish, roses, snow man, angry bird, watermelon, boat, butterfly, dog, bird etc. and displayed them with pride.

This outstanding sensory activity enhanced dexterity, gross and fine motor skills and helped to boost the self-confidence of the students. It promoted problem solving skills as they experimented with the building techniques and adapted to changes along the way.

The finished product at hand was a treasure to cherish for the young ones. They experienced the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Playing and crafting with clay being kids favourite activity they learnt basic shapes techniques and gained mastery of moulding. It was a great way to develop imagination and sparkle creativity to think out of the box……!!

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