Colour Wheel

Vibrant colours pop into little hearts proclaiming happiness, enthusiasm and positive outlook.

A spectrum of vivid, bright and captivating colours filled the air with thrill, ecstasy and bliss as the tiny tots celebrated the Colour Wheel activity on 15th April 2015 clad in dazzling, attractive and varicoloured costumes.

The whole campus was enliven and vibrant with little ones eagerly participating in a series of carefully and purposefully planned activities.

Hues and tints of red, green, yellow and blue created aesthetically pleasing, fascinating and engaging atmosphere which was indeed a feast to the eyes.

It was a special and colourful day for the little ones. This activity helped children identify and differentiate various colours. It also prompted them to think how colour enhances and influences our lives.

IMG_9290 IMG_9291 IMG_9299 IMG_9389

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