Community Outreach program at Al Meera

On 25th June 2024, students from Shantiniketan Indian School visited the Al Meera outlet located in Al Wakra as part of a community initiative to promote plastic recycling. The primary objective of the visit was to deposit plastic bottles using the recycling machines available at the outlet. Additionally, the students aimed to raise awareness among customers and staff about the importance of recycling plastics and promoting sustainability practices.
This activity was made possible through the dedicated efforts of Mr.Syed Miraj Ali , Mrs. Soumya Mathew , Mrs. Payal Das & Mrs. Dhani who took the initiative to train and accompany the students:
During their visit, the students conducted a survey among customers and staff members present at Al Meera. The survey focused on understanding awareness levels regarding plastic recycling and sustainability practices among the public. This initiative aimed to educate and engage the community in environmental conservation efforts.
The students received special appreciation from the staff and Managing Director of Al Meera for their dedicated efforts and proactive approach towards promoting recycling and sustainability.

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