Creative Fest 2016-17

It was a fiesta time for the SIS family when bundle of talents of four different houses of the school displayed cultural extravaganza on the occasion of Creative Fest-2016 held on 30 and 31st of May.

Literary competitions such as story writing, essay writing, pencil drawing and poster designing contests proceeded before the on-stage events.  Dance events such as mohiniyattom, ‘kuchipudi’ added colour to the festival apart from skit, mime, classical music and mappilappattu.

The inaugural day of the on-stage item commenced with vibrant and pulsating classical dance performances by Ganga of Grade VI-i and followed by other students.

The two day long cultural festival featured a range and depth of budding talents who enthralled the audience with eclectic mix of performing arts showcasing music, dance, drama, theatre and comedy.  The rich symphony of fun filled events provided a great platform to the budding artists of all age group to exhibit their talents and equally delighting and inspiring the audience. Mr. Jamal, the CCA Coordinator, Mr. Sandeep, HOD, Arts Department and Mr. Nishanth, HOD, Malayalam Department coordinated the event.

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