Cultural Meet

The management committee and the Malayalam department of Shantiniketan Indian School arranged a cultural meet on recently in its multipurpose hall. P.T Kunjalimaster, a well-known teacher and cultural activist from Kerala was the chief guest. In the keynote address he expressed concerns over the loss of cultural heritage and values of our country among the people. He also stressed on diminishing family relations which destroys the family bond. When the countryside lost its serene Water Lilly ponds and njattuvelas, Malayali lost his cultural entity also. He  praised the expatriates for maintaining the cultural heritage though they are far away from their motherland. The debate on “Kerala culture” was noteworthy and students actively involved in the discussion. Present on occasion were K.C Abdul Latheef, The president of the school management committee, Principal Dr. Subhash Nair, Senior vice Principal Mr. Shihabudheen Pulath, and Ex. management committee member Mr. Subair. Head of Malayalam Department, Mr. Nishanth, welcomed the gathering .The interactive session was concluded with a note of appreciation by Malayalam faculty Mr. Prasad.

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