Day of Gratitude


 Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.

The tiny tots of SIS Pre-Primary Section felicitated the helpers, attenders and drivers for their hardwork, dedication and loyalty.

The activity encouraged children to develop the values of courtesy, generosity, concern and appreciation for school and society.

 Students made colourful cards and posters which reflected their love, affection and gratitude towards their school and teachers. The young ones expressed heartfelt thanks to their parents and teachers for their selfless service, constant support and guidance. Thanks giving cards were given to our beloved Principal Sir and our dear most Head Teacher by our children. They were overwhelmed by the true love and affection of the little champs. The messages and quotes were heart touching and very creative. Children also presented a token of their love in the form of clothes, monetary contribution, stationeries, exercise copies etc. for the underprivileged. This small gesture turned out to be the best ever day and a day never to be forgotten.

Principal Dr. Subhash Nair extolled them to maintain high standards of professional ethics and continue the good work in providing a safe, secured and healthy environment. Head Teacher Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan praised the non-teaching community for its commitment and devotion.

The activity sowed the seeds of gratitude in the mind of the blooming buds. It was a rich experience which provided the young ones the opportunity to inculcate the values of responsibility, care and concern thus enabling them to develop as positive role models of the society fulfilling the mission of our school.

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