“Despedida: A Poignant Farewell to Grade 12”

The farewell ceremony for the graduating students of the academic year 2023-2024 at Shantiniketan Indian School was a poignant and memorable event, held in the school’s Multipurpose Hall. Organized with meticulous care by Grade 11, the day was a perfect blend of formal proceedings, artistic performances, and heartfelt expressions of gratitude.
The atmosphere was charged with a mix of emotions as students received their mementos, symbolizing the culmination of their academic journey at Shantiniketan Indian School. A special feature of the day was the inclusion of alumni members who shared their experiences and offered valuable insights into life beyond the school walls.
The cultural segment of the farewell was marked by a spectacular dance and musical program. The students showcased their artistic talents, captivating the audience with expressive dance performances and melodious musical renditions. The performances were a celebration of the diverse talents within the graduating class, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of everyone present.
A significant moment of the day was the special appreciation extended to Mrs. Mariam Kutty, a dedicated support staff member who has been serving the institution over a period of more than 10 years, by the Managing Director, Mr. KC Abdul Latheef. He expressed gratitude for Mrs. Kutty’s exemplary service to the school and acknowledged her tireless efforts in shaping the educational environment. Mrs. Kutty was presented with a token of appreciation as a gesture of the school’s profound recognition of her commitment and dedication.
The Principal and Vice Principal, in their special addresses, reflected on the academic journey of the graduating batch. They commended the students for their hard work, resilience, and positive contributions to the school. The speeches were laced with words of advice and encouragement, urging the students to approach the future with confidence and integrity. The farewell ceremony at Shantiniketan Indian School was not just a goodbye but a celebration of achievements, growth, and the enduring bonds forged within the school community.

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