Display of Marine Beauty at SIS

As an endeavor to empower  students to understand and question the latest advances in marine world, SIS K.G and PRIMARY WING organized marine festival on 27th October 2013 for classes Play school to  Std II. Children, who had collated their talks after brain storming with their classmates, delivered fascinating short speeches (in their own style) that gave a deep insight into the marine world and the sea life under water. The spectators were thoroughly entertained and were very appreciative of all the hard work that had resulted in creating a captivating marine environment. The programme consisted of different events like show and tell activity, sand art, and origami . The school was decorated with colourful cutouts of marine creatures, posters attractive charts and placards. Aquariums with a variety of fishes, turtle, lobsters, crabs, sea shells were setup that revived the essence of marine world.

The main attraction was a model aquarium created by the students under the able guidance of the teachers. Kids dressed up like marine creatures (octopus, jelly fish, star fish, dolphin, and mermaids) depicting the importance and beauty of sea creatures and sea life was indeed a visual treat. The little ones spend a day exploring the creative potential of sand art. They were able to experience miracles with hands when they got actively engrossed in doing beautiful things with their tiny hands and its outcome was marvelous.

It was an amazing and exciting experience for students viewing the marine life created in SIS .The festival was definitely an apt forum to develop a passion for sea and marine creatures.


 Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan

HEADMISTRESS, Primary Section

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