Eid Al-Adha Celebration 2024

“Nothing great was ever accomplished without making sacrifices!”
Eid Al-Adha was celebrated with great fervor and zeal at SIS on Wednesday, Jun 12, 2024. Series of activities were planned by Department of Social Science .Eid Al Adha is a festival of prayers, joy, happiness, sacrifices and brotherhood. The school was adorned with banners and posters depicting scenes of Eid celebrations, traditional attire, and symbols associated with the festival. To promote cultural understanding and inclusivity. The objectives of the activities was to educate students about the significance of Eid al-Adha. The Foundational Stage children enthusiastically celebrated Eid Al Adha, accompanied by their classmates and teachers, embodying values of generosity, charity, and compassion towards others. Activities such as Sharing is caring: The children adorned themselves in vibrant attire and brought additional snacks to share amongst peers, fostering a jubilant ambiance while exemplifying generosity,Eid Messages: Children delivered brief Eid messages, deepening their understanding of the festival’s significance while bolstering their confidence in public speaking and promoting compassion,Crafts and Collage Making: Engaging in various craft activities and crafting Eid-themed collages, the children exhibited their creativity and teamwork, reflecting the spirit of unity and charity.Each child actively engaged in the festivities, relishing the diverse activities and nurturing a sense of community, sacrifice, and unity, embodying the values of Eid.
Students from the preparatory and middle section have also participated in various activities . Some of the highlights were Card making, Eid Envelope Making, poster making , creative drawing,Eid greeting cards,bookmarks, Collage making, Bulletin board decoration,eid messages etc.
The students from secondary section beautifully explained the essence of the festival and the way people celebrate it worldwide. They shared the Story of Ibrahim and Qurbani, Eid, and the extraordinary faith of the Prophet Ibrahim with the classmates. The students were keen to share their knowledge of the five pillars of Islam with everyone and explained the meaning of each pillar as well. They also participated in a collaborative poster making depicting scenes of Eid celebrations.
While greeting the students on the auspicious occasion, Principal of the School stated that the main aim of celebrating the festival was to spread lesson of brotherhood, peace and prosperity among the students.The Eid Al Adha celebration proved to be a resounding success, brimming with educational opportunities, communal spirit, and artistic expression. The enthusiastic involvement of the children, grounded in values of generosity, charity, and compassion towards others, rendered the occasion truly memorable for all involved.

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