EID Message – KG Wing

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‘AHLAN RAMADAN… –a blessed month gifted with the mercy of Allah and many treasured moments of joy……!!’

Festivals are fun for kids, fun for teachers, parents and offer a welcome break from the stresses of our life.

An aura of festive mood prevailed on the premises of SIS (KG & Primary) when it organized a joyous welcome to Ramadan Kareem – it was a day of spreading the message of sympathy, love, charity and good relations with their kin and kith.

Attired in their traditional dazzling colourful costumes the little ones with great enthusiasm and excitement went around exchanging greetings, wishing and embracing each other with a pure heart. The air was filled with euphoria, ecstasy and elation.

A video presentation about the significance and virtues of Ramadan was displayed imparting the students the message of compassion, brotherhood, kindness and harmony.

Students of the primary section were given a memorable experience on 26th June 2014. It was a day of giving-an unselfish effort was made to bring cheers to others by little deeds of kindness.Sewaian– A popular dish made on eid was served to one and all, there was no distinction between a helper and a teacher on this day, all were treated equally. A spirit of brotherhood prevailed in every heart when they shared the Zakat amount among the non-teaching and support staff.

The event witnessed a vista of soothing, elegant and graceful display of songs, thematic skits and tableau which left enduring impression on each and every student and teacher. This get together created an ambience which offereda platform to develop each student into a good human with humane qualities.

Vice-Principal Mr. Shihabudeen graced the occasion and inspired the students’ to uphold the values of this blessed month and adhere to these virtuous deeds throughout their life.

The concept and perception of ‘ZAKAT’- a noble act of charity, harmony, purity and generosity came into prevalence and started taking shape with this endeavor.

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