Eid Message


Driving the Spirit of Ramadan…..

SIS- an abode of peace and harmony takes immense pride and pleasure in celebrating multifarious cultures and festivals symbolizing the amalgamation and unification of different nationalities.

Students and teachers showcased enthusiasm and vibrancy as they exchanged some virtuous messages, moral stories and supplications. The school atmosphere was decorated to keep the high spirit of this blessed month of Ramadan.

The conception and the perception of Ramadan, the holy month with immense blessings, bounties and mercy conveying a noble message of love, patience and brotherhood came into existence and started taking shape. It was an exemplary team work of excellent, devoted and motivated team of KG & Primary teachers which made the celebration touch every heart and created an atmosphere of serenity and divinity.

Young speakers highlighted and rendered some amazing tips, hadiths and duas to raise the spiritual standards and make the best use of this Ramadan.

In a special message Mrs. Mehjabeen, Headmistress KG & Primary, motivated the blooming flowers of the Paradise to attain the level of spiritual excellence by imbibing the noble qualities of perseverance, piety and patience.

In a nutshell the little ones were highly inspired and were made to realize that true peace and total perfection can only be achieved through virtuous deeds. Besides they got an amazing experience of discussing and getting connected with the invaluable Islamic teachings and the positive impact it has on our lives.

An optimistic tone was set and the students were consciously guided to work hard and be patient to qualify and be the dwellers of paradise and achieve the everlasting happiness.

The best part was when the children and the teachers made an impassioned attempt to memorize the beautiful names of Allah (SWT). Above all, the children were taught to thank Allah and to contemplate over His magnificence, His creations and to glorify Him using these attributes- deeply reflecting on its meanings.

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