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The term elocution is used to refer to the study of pronunciation, grammar, style and tone. This term is also used to describe the skill of clear, eloquent and expressive speech or a particular style of speaking. Elocution refers to one’s capacity of communicating with others with the use of exact speech and gestures. It is natural for us all to watch our students speak exceptionally well in school and other places. English Elocution Competition’ is conducted annually wherein every student in class is trained to face an audience with confidence and recite their poems with correct diction, clarity and good pronunciation.

CBSE (i) took the initiative to organise the Inter Class Elocution Competition from Classes 1 to 10. The elocution was held on 15th May, 2014 where the entire CBSE (i) section participated.

A healthy competitive spirit enlightened the faces of the students of CBSE (i), classes 1 to 10 as they marched to the Activity Hall for the competition. We had classes competing against each other. Keeping in mind the several factors which are adjudged during a competition the children focused on aspects like culmination of voice quality, speech content and the delivery standards.

The Group Elocution Competition commenced in which the entire class had to recite a poem. As usual it was a pleasure to watch our smart children conduct themselves in such a disciplined manner and render the enjoyable poems with such feeling and conviction.

The competition enabled our boys and girls to speak with more clarity and finesse and it surely was an enjoyable experience for all those who participated.

Present for the elocution were Principal, Dr. Subhash Nair, Vice Principal CBSE-i. Mr Dudley O’Connor congratulated the all the students . He further extended his thanks to the teachers and students.

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