Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day excites, thrills and teaches our tender tots to love, respect, share…….!!

The Pre Primary section of Shantiniketan Indian School celebrated Family Fun Day on 15th May 2017.It was a positive experience for the children as they reflected themselves in the notion of a family.

The blooming buds took part in the activity with great zeal and enthusiasm.  The young ones made a family scrap book which revealed a pictorial journey of their life so far while capturing wonderful and magical moments with their family. Children were highly excited to introduce their family members and share information about them with the class, teachers and friends. They relived the special and memorable moment of their lives as they proudly displayed the photographs and shared their experiences. The activity also provided opportunities for the young ones to learn about family values and traditions.

Family day activity instilled a sense of identity and belonging in the little ones.

Children learnt that family is about relationships and relationship is about love and affection, giving and receiving, respect and understanding, sharing and helping, trusting and confiding.

A collaborative effort was made to expose the tender tots to the world of love, care, respect, trust and support.

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