Food Fair

“Small steps towards keeping our eating regime on the right track…….”

The Pre-Primary section of SIS conducted Food Fair activity on 24th May, 2017 to highlight the importance of balanced diet and promote healthy eating.

Fast food culture is deteriorating the health of our little ones. The increased consumption of high calorie, low-nutritious food has spawned an obesity epidemic. Food Fest is one small step towards changing our food culture.

The activity highlighted the importance of balanced diet comprising of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dairy products. Video clips of gardens and farms were shown to the young ones so that they could understand the sources of different food they eat.

The food fair was served as a platform to inspire the children to bring fresh food for the tiffin on a daily basis and not any junk food / frozen / heated food that can cause illness.

Teachers made a deliberate attempt to motivate children to eat lots of protein, fiber and healthy carbs which will boost their metabolism and keep them feeling full all day long. Senior Head Teacher, Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan emphasized on the ill effects of eating junk food. She discouraged the tiny tots from bringing junk foods like different kinds of “Jelly Beans”, chocolates and other junk titbits due to which children complain of stomachache.

The delicious homemade food brought by the children was exhibited in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The tiny tots enjoyed the varied tastes .They spent quality time sharing and relishing the food thereby strengthening friendship and cooperation amongst them.

All in all the activity was informative and was conducted with a dual purpose of learning the fun way. It helped in generating nutritional awareness among children.

The young ones will definitely carry effective pointers and good ideas on how to build a better lunch box back home.

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