Food Fest – 2015

“Eat Healthy and Enjoy Happy Long Life…”

In an attempt to generate nutritional awareness among children the KG & Primary Wing of SIS conducted Food Fest on 18th October, 2015.

Eating right is challenging in our ever processed and fast food world. It can be especially difficult for children to choose vegetables, fruits and whole grains when they see advertisements pushing sugary products and empty calorie foods. It takes huge effort to change our food culture and Food Fest is one small step towards it.

The Kindergarten classes highlighted the importance of fruits and vegetables in our diet while Primary section dealt with food comprising of whole grains and dairy products.It was a visual feast to see our little ones dressed as different fruits and vegetables. Sparkling with thrill and excitement they stepped forward to give a comprehensive description of the fruit that they were dressed in.

Quotes on healthy living were displayed on LEDs and attractive posters highlighting the importance of the nutritive value of food were exhibited on Bulletin Board.

The young ones were excited to test their culinary skills as they prepared vegetable and fruit salad under the supervision of their teachers. They enjoyed sharing the preparation with their friends. Thus, during this activity they imbibed the values of safety, cleanliness, sharing, health and hygiene.

The students of I &II performed activities that helped them to understand the nutrients of a balanced diet. Speech by the kids on the importance of healthy diet was very informative. Video clips of gardens and farms were shown to the young ones so that they could understand the sources of different food.

The confident little commentators were responsive to the thought provoking questions posed by the Principal, Dr. Subhash Nair. The instant answers overwhelmed the H.M and teachers. Headmistress, Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan motivated the students to draft a slogan highlighting the significance of healthy eating.

The food brought by the children was displayed in tempting and impressive manner. The tiny tots spent quality time sharing and relishing the food thereby strengthening friendship and cooperation amongst them.

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