Inter-class competition “Fun, Food and Frolic”

The inter-class competition “Fun, Food and Frolic” was a vibrant event that engaged students from grades 6, 7, and 8. It provided a platform for them to showcase their teamwork, culinary skills, and creativity. Utilizing techniques that did not involve fire, the students prepared a diverse range of dishes, ensuring their safety while also shedding light on alternative cooking methods that could yield delicious and nutritious snacks.
This event offered an excellent learning opportunity for students to explore different food groups, understand portion control, and recognize the importance of incorporating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into their diet. Moreover, it emphasized the significance of making mindful choices by avoiding processed and unhealthy foods. The overall atmosphere of Fun Food and Frolic was lively and fulfilling, encouraging students to adopt no-fire cooking methods that promote a healthier lifestyle.
Furthermore, this event highlighted the importance of energy conservation and environmental sustainability. By utilizing alternative cooking methods, the students actively contributed to reducing carbon emissions and preserving our planet’s resources. The coordination of the event was efficiently managed by the Science teacher, Mrs. Shahnaz Saleem, with valuable support from the Middle Section Head Teacher, Mrs. Nazia Saleem, and the Coordinator, Mr. Wayne.
In conclusion, Fun Food and Frolic was a successful food fiesta that not only enhanced students’ culinary skills but also fostered healthy eating habits and environmental consciousness among the participants.

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