Food Festival-CBSE (i)

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The SEWA (Social Empowerment Work Through Action) for CBSE-i has always been an encouraging factor to bring about an awareness of love, co-operation, kindness to promote brotherhood as part of the curriculum. It has helped the students to grow and care for the ones who are needy.

Thursday, 11th December, 2014; a wonderful morning started with great enthusiasm among students to achieve a target of bringing about a change and recognize social needs of others.

The day started with four Mascots i.e. Dora, Superman, Mickey Mouse and A Clown parading the canteen area with slogans portraying Health is Wealth.

Enthusiastically, children set up stalls with various items such as pastries, chocolates, jellies juices, pasta, noodles, various fruit salads and green salads.

This process witnessed love, warmth, care, smiles of joy among all the children of Shantiniketan Indian School.

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