Fun Games

Fun games rejuvenate our little ones with health, vigour and liveliness…

It was a day of great fun and frolic at KG & Primary section of SIS .The much awaited Fun Games activity was conducted on 18th January, 2016 with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Children played with blocks, sand or water. Teachers taught them to observe changes in environment, examine or sort objects. They learned through a combination of indoor and outdoor games, songs and creative projects.

The little ones enthusiastically participated in a variety of games-musical chair, tug of war, hoopla race, pulling the tail etc. Passing the parcel songs and dances etc. helped students to develop sense of belonging, team work, respect for others and co-operation.

The games not only filled the tiny tots with cheerfulness and happiness but also geared up the kids to have a great time with their friends and teachers’ .The atmosphere reverberated with laughter and squeaks of excitement.

The activity helped the children to learn to work in groups, to share, to negotiate, to resolve conflict and learn self-advocacy skills without added anxiety in a stress free environment. It helped our blooming buds to explore the environment around them, build confidence, feel loved, happy and safe.

Naturally drawn to active play, these fun games helped the students to reduce their stress level and channelize their energy in a very positive and fruitful way. This lively session certainly created a vibrant and pleasing environment that brought smiles on their innocent faces.

It was a fun filled and moralistic celebration, which made learning enjoyable and rewarding.

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