Fun Trip to Jungle Zone

The Pre-Primary section of Shantiniketan Indian School organized a visit to Jungle Zone from 11th December to 14th December 2017.

The kindergartners were thrilled and delighted as they boarded the bus to Jungle Zone accompanied by their teachers and nannies. They enjoyed the bus ride humming and tapping their feet on their favourite rhymes and songs with their friends.

The little ones were warmly welcomed at the amusement park. They enjoyed rides like crazy jump, mountain coaster, pop ups, mini rode and super jumper and had a jolly time swaying and swinging in their favourite rides with their buddies. It was gratifying to see the tiny tots bonding with each other in an atmosphere of fun and frolic.

Leaving the classroom for a fun trip placed the kids in an ambience of relaxation and recreation. The young ones encountered a new set of adults and other children during the trip. These interactions taught them how to behave in different settings. They employed more self-control as it was a less contained environment than the classroom.

As the children experienced the fun trip together it fostered a sense of teamwork among them.

Breaking away from the routine provided kids with a refresher that would make them more focused back in the classroom.

Thus, the Jungle zone trip provided adventure, fun and memories for children to treasure.

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