Fun with Colours

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Exuding vibrance and enthusiasm the students of classes Playschool to STD-II actively participated in a joyful activity ‘Fun with Colours’

The day started off with excitement as the tiny hands played with different colours.

The objective was to make the students identify and recognize the significance of colour as an important element of drawing. It helped to instill the qualities of each colour and to make our students understand how mystic hues reflect life.

The students were provided with worksheets which set their imagination to work. Children exhibited excellent – fine motor skill and creative skills.

Colourful posters, placards, attractive charts were displayed on the bulletin board highlighting the qualities of primary colours.

Tender tots in attractive and colouful flower mask depicting the vivid colours of rainbow(VIBGYOR) was noteworthy and impressive which left one and all amazed and enthralled.

Totally activity oriented and playful, it brought together the artistic skills and values of one another’s abilities in a playful, friendly and inspiring environment.

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